(Video) Awesome! Beautiful! Hundreds of Baby Seals Frolic in an Inland Waterfall!

baby seal

OMG! The video on the next page is so awesome and thrilling to see. Mother Nature takes care of her baby seals in an inland freshwater pool, complete with a waterfall where hundreds of babies gather to frolic in the clear water amidst lush greenery.

Every year seal pups are born on the coast around Kaikoura, New Zealand and every June through August, a large pod of fur seal pups swims down a freshwater stream to the picturesque Ohau waterfall to have the time of their lives while their moms hunt for food in the ocean and bring it back to the frolicking kids.


The waterfall is part of the Ohau Point Fur Seal Sanctuary, home to about 3,000 seals. More than just a fabulous party place, the coastal outcrops, nooks and crannies, provide an excellent breeding habitat and protection for the young pups from predators like killer whales and the heavy storms that hit the coast.

If you live near or are visiting near Kaikoura, New Zealand, the waterfall is only a 10-minute walk from South Highway 1, so you can actually visit this amazing scene firsthand. A parking lot to the side of the highway is provided and signs directing you to the waterfall make it easy. Provided by MailOnine, go to the next page and scroll down to the second image for the breathtaking video of hundreds of very happy baby seals.

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