(Video) Breathtaking! 100-Seat Tree Church Constructed of Live Trees!

Tree Church

Almost entirely formed from living trees with thick leaves covering its shady interior, a living, breathing Tree Church, constructed by Barry Cox in his backyard, near Cambridge, New Zealand, combines his love of gardening and church architecture.

First planted by Cox in 2011, as his personal “retreat from society,” after 4 years as his inspiration grew to completion and word spread of his incredible creation, Cox decided to open up his 100-seat Tree Church to the public for special occasions.

460 BC labyrinth inspired by the ancient city of Jericho

Set within 3 acres of lush gardens, including a 460 BC labyrinth inspired by the ancient city of Jericho, Cox talks of his architectural concepts, explaining that the roof of his church is made from cut leaf adder trees that are being trained over an iron frame which will be removed as the trees grow strong enough to support the church without aid.

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