(Video) He Fills A Muffin Tin With Eggs And Cheese. The Reason? I’m SO Doing This!

muffin tin with omelet ingredients

Oh Yes! Anything that gets me out of the kitchen fast with a superlative offering for family and guests gets my vote. And this is one of those kitchen hacks I love.

There is something so wonderful about a fluffy omelet, whether it’s simply a plain egg omelet, one made with your favorite cheese, a veggie or even Western omelet. It just starts the morning out right and puts an elegant spin on a Sunday brunch. I can taste the mimosas now.

But who wants to stand over the stove and whip up individual omelets. Okay, I admit my patience is limited in the kitchen. I’m more of a food appreciator. And the One Pot Chef has my number. He’s come up with a fast and easy way to make scrumptious, fluffy mini omelets so family, guests, and chef (that’s me) can all enjoy them.

Check out the video on the next page as the oh-so-clever One Pot Chef fills a regular ole muffin tin with the ingredients for eight mini-omelets. He just pops the tin into the oven and wallah, perfect, fluffy, bite-sized tastes of eggy goodness! No need to stand over the stove, tediously watching your omelet take shape.

And for an added bonus: You can freeze these babies to eat later! Everything you need to know is in the video.

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