(Video) Woman Catching Aggressive, Biting Water Snakes with Bare Hands!

woman bending over rocks

Amy Siewe, the snake lady, admits, “I have a crazy (some may say insane) fascination for reptiles and amphibians, but mainly for snakes.” Two weeks out of the year, Erie Water Snakes are more than abundant on the shores of Lake Erie and the Erie Islands.

So what does she do? She catches them with her bare hands, is bitten more than a few times. She admires them, counts how many she’s caught, and lets them go.Kind of like catching biting fish without a net and tossing them back into the water.

See exactly what she does in the video on the next page. At one point, she had collected 23 very “angry” snakes in her cooler. Oh and she says, “Just for the record….these are not venomous.” Still… I’ll bet her medicine chest stocks a hefty supply of triple antibiotic ointment.

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